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A robust team with broad cross-functional knowledge.

trepwise was founded in 2013 with the mission of being a growth catalyst for entrepreneurial cities, one organization at a time. Today we are a robust advisory team with broad cross-functional knowledge. trepwise advisors are well-educated, passionate individuals with experience working with hundreds of organizations here in New Orleans.

We have led non-profit boards, entered new markets, conceptualized innovative products, and built well-aligned teams. We continue to do whatever it takes to maximize the value of our work to clients. trepwise is a for-profit, value based and mission driven company.

We use innovative approaches to scale and sustain organizations by providing practical and creative solutions. trepwise provides clients across all sizes, sectors, and industries with the pathways to organizational capacity building in the fields of: Marketing, Finance, Operations, Organizational Culture, Leadership Development, Governance, Strategic Planning, and Impact Measurement.

Our Theory of Impact

We envision a world of thriving cities, with entrepreneurship as a driver of sustainable economic development. Our firm is rooted in the belief that the key to a thriving city is inclusive innovation and organizational capacity building.

The hope is that through our support of existing enterprises and institutions across a variety of industries, the local economy will become increasingly robust and resilient.

At the same time, we believe passionately in new ideas, and we directly support entrepreneurs seeking to use market disruption to create more inclusive and equitable economies. Through enhancing the capacity of our clients to provide new and valuable services, we seek to improve quality of life in the communities where they exist. And by forming partnerships with a diverse client base across the urban economy we aim to achieve collective impact through entrepreneurial thinking.

Our Neighborhood

Proudly located at the corner of Philip Street and Oretha Castle Haley Boulevard, trepwise is committed to the area’s revitalization and its history of inclusion and innovation. Originally named Dryades Street, the area was a thriving commercial hub in the early twentieth century. In its heyday, it had over 200 shops owned by a diverse coalition of African Americans, Jews, Germans, and Italians- groups traditionally excluded from the more segregated Canal Street.

trepwise’s teal home was once a lively saloon, and it’s neighbor was the first library for African Americans in New Orleans. Dryades also became the epicenter for cultural experimentation, home to Buddy Bolden, Professor Longhair, and the original marches for civil rights in New Orleans. Decades of decline saw the street suffer from destruction and decay; however, spearheaded by the Ashé Cultural Arts Center, the Oretha Castle Haley Boulevard Merchants & Business Association, and other organizations, the boulevard has experienced a renaissance in the past few years.

Today, trepwise is honored to partner with neighbors Good Work Network and Casa Borrega, eat lunch at Roux Carre, and wonder what smart investor will scoop up the Pan-American Life Insurance Building two blocks down.

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