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Rayne Martin

Rayne’s mission is simple – help as many leaders as possible make a positive and transformative impact by being intentional, self-aware and bold.

During her 25 years of executive experience, Rayne has held the titles of executive director, chief of innovation managing director and chief of staff. She has directly lead organizations and departments employing hundreds of employees and millions of dollars of services.  She has a successfully track record of building the leadership capacity of those working with her.  In fact, twice she identified and placed a successor both of who are still in place.   Now she uses her experience to facilitate leaders’ ability to

define their intended impact,
develop the networks needed to enact change,
focus on the actions that matter,
communicate their vision clearly and compellingly
and to raise significant revenue

Based on her own experience, Rayne understands the human tendency to be our own worst enemy so she works with her clients to name specific growth areas and create actionable strategies for improvement.  She does this by ardently and compassionately holding the leader accountable for self-reflection, awareness, and continued growth.  It is very common for those who have worked with Rayne to refer to her as their ‘cheerleader of accountability’ because of her ability to provide direct feedback and a system of personal accountability in a supportive, safe and exciting way.

To learn more and work with Rayne please email rayne@itstheimpact.com.

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