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Rayne Martin-Diaz

Experience matters, and Rayne has spent over 25 years as a leader in the nonprofit, government, and entrepreneurial sectors. At the age of 26, Rayne held her first executive title, and over the years she had led as executive director, chief of innovation, managing director, and chief of staff. Her leadership has transformed organizations and programs designed to improve the lives of others throughout the country.

Since pursuing her dream of leadership coaching five years ago, Rayne has assisted hundreds of leaders in imagining and achieving better futures for themselves, their organizations, and their communities. Her clients have started new companies, received promotions, and made significant career and life transitions in pursuit of their dreams. Rayne deeply values equity and diversity and, as such, her client base is intentionally diverse in gender, race, age, and income.

Rayne truly believes that everyone is capable of leading. However, her special sauce as a coach is this: she knows when we take action toward our dreams, we become our own worst critics. We have to fight ourselves to remember how great and infinite our capabilities are. Rayne’s process gives leaders the freedom and courage to embrace their vision, harness their current strengths, and excitedly discover and cultivate the new talents needed to pursue their impact.

To learn more and work with Rayne please email rayne@itstheimpact.com.

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