Innovation is the lifeblood of entrepreneurship. It is also one of our core values at trepwise. Approaching our clients and our community with curiosity and experimentation allows us to stay open and flexible to the needs that we see around us. Thankfully in New Orleans creativity, experimentation, and innovation go hand in hand.

This past month trepwise Advisor and Director of Brand & Culture Lauren Siegel has been coaching 10 budding local entrepreneurs through Fund 17’s “Be the Boss” Accelerator, helping to turn small-scale experiments into fully-realized businesses. She presented at NOEW 2019 on how to make a difference in your business while avoiding the 3 main pitfalls of social entrepreneurship.

Internally, our new Advisor Allison Schiller has taught our team to experiment in our everyday approaches, whether it’s working with clients or re-imagining how we can support our community through our ever-evolving trepwork for good platform.

Nothing inspires fresh perspectives more than springtime in New Orleans. New festivals pop up, established festivals evolve, and crawfish boils get tastier. Check out our insights for some tools to help you channel your experimentation into a thriving business. And most importantly, find out what entrepreneurs and crawfish boils have in common…


Palmer Mills

Palmer Mills

Associate at trepwise
Palmer supports all facets of client engagements, as well as the growth of trepwise internally, working closely with the Director of Brand and Culture. When she's not at trepwise, you can find Palmer performing with Melange Dance Company or outside soaking up the New Orleans sun.
Palmer Mills

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