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Design Thinking

At trepwise, we believe that design thinking can radically change how organizations do their work and approach problems.

How can design thinking help your organization?

Design thinking (DT) is a process that begins with discovery into user needs and ends with innovative solutions to complex challenges faced by organizations and companies. DT projects focus on understanding and drawing insights from design research, working collaboratively, generating ideas, building prototypes, sharing and testing with the people most impacted by the challenge, then refining and improving the ideas. The final design solutions will reflect user insights and bring a creative approach to any team engaging in a problem-solving process.

Our Design Thinking Process:

Our Design Thinking Services:

Methods & Mindsets Training

A "Design Thinking 101" training where participants will discover new ways of thinking about external and internal problems and walk away with tools for approaching real-world situations.

Design Thinking Workshop

A one- or two-day workshop tailored to the specific needs and goals of your business or organization that will help you tackle a challenging issue and learn how to address complex problems in the future.

Strategy Design

A deep dive process that may include both comprehensive discovery and iterative strategy refinement over many sessions as we work to solve your organizational challenges.

Our Design Thinking Services Can Benefit:

Our Design Thinking Clients Include:

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