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Executive Coaching

In addition to the suite of services trepwise offers to organizations of all sizes across various industries, we provide Executive Coaching through the newly launched trepwise Coaching Platform. We have carefully curated coaches who share our values and bring a diversity of skillsets to bring you the highest caliber of coaches in the city who are invested in building a stronger and flourishing New Orleans for all.

Our approach to Executive Coaching is focused on building leadership capacity for a stronger community.

We work with organizations, executives, management teams and individuals to help guide both personal and professional growth. Our practices combine objective assessment with personal support to help our clients reach their potential as leaders.

Are you an executive feeling overwhelmed by the demands and challenges of managing a growing organization? New Orleans has a plethora of early stage companies led by young talent, but not very many seasoned executives to mentor these leaders. A strong base of leaders across multiple sectors is essential to help New Orleans continue to thrive. To be lasting, true leaders need to feel empowered and well equipped to successfully meet the requirements of leading an organization in a growing and increasingly diversifying economy.

In line with our belief in quality and customization, our coaches are the most experienced in their field, bringing a diversity of backgrounds and approaches. Collectively we have over 100 years of coaching experience working with leaders in municipal, for-profit, and non-profit organizations. Our coaching is not theoretical or academic — it is rooted in our experiences. Counting on a diverse set of approaches we are able to ensure the best fit for you, and our coaches build a customized plan to meet your needs as you drive your organization forward.

Believing that a strong sustainable community is structured on thriving local leadership, we work to build capacity in organizations through our executive coaching engagements. Recognizing increasing demand, we have identified and curated the best coaches in the Greater New Orleans area to provide the most formidable leadership capacity development resource in the region.

We understand that leaders need a coach too and are committed to nurturing the city’s leadership in an increasingly flourishing New Orleans. We can help you determine the best coach for your needs. Contact us to learn more.

Meet the Coaches

Andrea Picou

Andrea PiccouAndrea is the Lead Faculty of Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Business program guiding entrepreneurs throughout the country to a sustainable growth. The program, developed by Babson College, works with entrepreneurs in growth process and helps them create a mindset and a strategy for effectively scaling their businesses.

Andrea has 15 years of consulting experience in her home country of Brazil, where she graduated with a degree in psychology with specialization in human resources management. Through her own consulting firm, she worked with CEOs and other executives, sharing insights into how to be an effective leader. She also developed teams and people in organizations helping them feel confident, empowered to contribute to the big picture, the vision of the future.

Following the completion of a Master’s Program in International Management from Phoenix University, Andrea traveled extensively assisting well-known musicians on business trips throughout Brazil. She has also been to Cape Verde in Africa to help prepare consultants for small business development.

Andrea is an Executive Coach and CEO of “On your Business,” working with entrepreneurs to positively affect their lives and others around them. Working on your business to achieve sustainable growth helps executives gather ideas and values that serve to make difference in their lives and businesses. She has been working with trepwise to provide Executive Coaching services to clients since 2016.

To connect with Andrea, visit her website.

Judy Ford

Following nearly 2 decades working in the philanthropic sector, Judy established her own coaching practice, Sunrise Consulting, LLC. As Founder & Chief Wellness Officer, Judy provides executive/leadership, career/job, and life coaching services tailored to the professional development, personal growth and life advancement needs of individuals; as well as staff and leaders within organizations and in leadership development programs - with particular expertise in effectively serving the development needs of individuals facing major career/life transitions; women; women leaders; Soul-driven women entrepreneurs; next generation/emerging leaders; and leaders of color. Judy specializes in applying a comprehensive and holistic approach to coaching that she developed and refers to as: Coaching as a Healing Practice℠. This approach emphasizes healing, self-care, self-awareness, self-mastery, wellness, wholeness, authenticity, impact, and action. Through her coaching, Judy provides uniquely tailored, breakthrough services that are particularly focused on supporting comprehensive development of the ‘soft skills’ critically necessary for 21st century life satisfaction, career success, and leadership effectiveness. Her clients have included: national and regional leadership development & training programs; foundations; non-profit organizations; academia; entrepreneurs; executives/organizational leaders; emerging leaders; and public servants.
To learn more about her approach and experience please visit her website:  http://www.msjudymford.com/ 

Kevin N Wilkins

Kevin N WilkinsKevin is the Founder and Managing Director of trepwise. With over 30 years experience with corporate and entrepreneurial ventures, Kevin has built a strong team of entrepreneurial specialists who have worked with over 500 entrepreneurs and organizations collectively.

Since moving to New Orleans, he has served as an Entrepreneur-in-Residence and COO for two of The Idea Village’s annual Entrepreneur Seasons. Kevin’s experience working closely with entrepreneurs in the New Orleans area led him to solidify his vision for trepwise to be a growth catalyst for entrepreneurial cities, one organization at a time.

As an Executive Coach, Kevin provides his clients with the insight he has accumulated over the years. His approach to coaching marries three key components: Personal Assessment, Goal Setting, and Structured Sessions. The process begins with a client interview exploring strengths, challenges, and aspirations. As part of this process, we use a tool called the Predictive Index (PI) for the purpose of better understanding behavioral characteristics of the individual.

Based on the assessment, we work together to define realistic and clear goals for both personal and professional growth. Once the goals are established, we build a plan around milestones to achieve these goals. Each plan is customized to the individual's needs – we do not have a cookie cutter approach. As part of the implementation plan, we set a schedule for structured one-on-one’s to review the progress against the goals.

If you are interested in working with Kevin, please contact us.

Nancy Fournier

Nancy FournierNancy has over thirty years of experience in juvenile justice, youth development and child welfare issues working in the public sector, nonprofit academia and think tank settings.  She has been a consultant to governmental and nonprofit organizations since 2004 and has worked with a variety of nonprofit, philanthropic and government agencies focusing on Executive Coaching, Organizational Development, Strategic Planning, Performance Management, Senior Level Recruitment and Board Development and Training.

Her approach is tailored based on the client's observed leadership skills, emotional intelligence and personality type. Nancy sees her role as an 'outsourced supplier of candor', providing the objective feedback needed to nourish the client's personal and professional growth, gain awareness of their impact on their work environment (as a leader and member of the work culture), and notice the effect of their words and actions. Drawing from her managerial expertise and clinical training, her executive coaching sessions provide space for the client to hear their own voice and an opportunity to talk through work situations and gain a new perspective. These sessions work to heighten self-awareness of a client's beliefs and attitudes that may be holding them back and can be 'rewired' for their personal and professional success, with the overall goal to integrate personal development with organizational needs.

She and her husband relocated to New Orleans from Richmond Virginia in 2006 immediately after the storm and resurrected a floundering hospitality business.  Her focus for the last decade has been split between building the business and her consultant practice with each pursuit informing the other.   Prior to moving to New Orleans she served as the Deputy City Manager for the City of Richmond, was the director of a Legislative Commission on Youth with the Virginia General Assembly and served as a principal researcher for the National Center of State Courts in Williamsburg Virginia.  She served as the Director of the Richmond Department of Justice Services as well as an adjunct professor at the University of Richmond teaching classes on public policy decision-making and municipal governmental systems.  Her undergraduate degree is from Vassar College and she has a M.A. in Social Service Administration from the University of Chicago and a Ph.D. in Public Administration from Virginia Commonwealth University.

Click here to connect with Nancy and learn more about her approach.

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