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We approach planning with the goal of gaining buy-in and inspiring action. The key is engaging a variety of voices throughout the process, and ensuring that all people within the organization are contributors. Our planning teams design smart outreach, regular checkpoints, and collaborative workshops to build the framework for the plan.

Strategic Planning & Growth Planning

While every organization is different, almost all of them seek the same thing: a vision of where they are going and tools to help them get there. In a long-term planning project, we take the time to understand the social or financial gain that an organization wants to make through its work. With ambition for change fueling our engagements, our advisors and associates lead clients through a user-centric planning process. Throughout the process we convene a smaller group of decision-makers to develop strategic approaches that can be tested and vetted. The result is a living, breathing planning document that can react and adjust as organizational needs and challenges shift.

Planning for Public-Private Partnerships

We work at the intersection of government, non-profits, and philanthropy to bring about system-level change. Our work in this space often involves the public sector, and is focused on how various players within a system can work to shift its outcomes. 

With a focus on collective impact and collaborative decision-making, we partner with an anchoring foundation, government agency, or nonprofit who seeks to align an ecosystem around a systems-change agenda through a structured planning process.

Pivot Planning

When faced with an unexpected opportunity or crisis there is no time to follow a traditional strategic planning approach. Pivot Planning focuses on rapid discovery to understand organizational core competencies and how they can uniquely deliver against shifting external needs. By partnering with our clients and training them in our rapid discovery process, we empower clients to test ideas, make data-informed decisions, and quickly chart a path in uncertain times.

Pivot Planning follows a three-part process: 

  • Assess -  Identify the greatest strengths of the organization, how the market or ecosystem is reacting to a sudden change and how to leverage strengths to meet needs.
  • Connect - Discover and customize tools for team members, partners and customers to respond to emerging strategic approaches and provide feedback.
  • Plan - Build an iterative plan that provides a roadmap for team members and partners to navigate uncertainty and coordinate activities to achieve a shared vision.

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