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Systems Planning

Systems Planning: Case Study

New Orleans Food Security Task Force

Client Context

When COVID-19 began to impact the Greater New Orleans area, grassroots organizations initially spearheaded the campaign to ensure food insecure individuals had access to consistent meals.

However, the need for a more integrated, sustainable, and long-term meal pick-up and delivery solution was paramount.

GNOF hired trepwise in mid-April to provide technical assistance to the City of New Orleans’ Food Security Task Force, which included GNOF, the City, restaurateurs, volunteer, mutual aid, and community organizations.

Client Challenge

With the unemployment numbers growing in March 2020 due to Covid 19, the city of New Orleans was facing organizational challenges to coordinate easy access to food.

  • How do people who need food get access to it?
  • How do we track the volume and locations of high food insecurity in order to meet the need?
  • How do we integrate the grassroots system with our existing restaurant and school feeding systems?
  • In other words, how can we bridge the gap between the suffering restaurant industry, the overall feeding solution, and support essential workers?

trepwise's Role

trepwise planned and facilitated weekly Food Security Task Force meetings, helped design the survey to gather important food supply and demand data, and conducted a food need gap analysis.

Additionally, trepwise helped design prototypes for the public-facing map of food assistance locations, the citywide dashboard of food distribution, and the food delivery request case management solution.

Lastly, trepwise conducted a gap analysis that informed the  development of the City of New Orleans’ Long-Term Feeding Program.

The Impact

trepwise led the research, design, and modeling for estimating the unmet citywide demand for food.

This work resulted in a first-of-its-kind $15MM public private partnership between the City of New Orleans (funded by FEMA) and a private food vendor that is tasked with providing two hot meals to food insecure people each day.

The city vendor Revolutionary foods partnered with the Chef Brigade, and included 70 local restaurants to be part of this new program to feed hungry residents, while also allowing the restaurants to re-employ out of work New Orleanians.

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