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We exist to get people moving in the right direction.

who we are

We are strategy consultants — dedicated to unlocking the potential of purpose-driven organizations. 

We work with purpose-driven organizations across sectors and industries, using innovative approaches to create strategies and plans through the lens of fostering a more equitable and justice-filled world. We lift the experiences and insights of a diverse array of stakeholders in all our work to create a positive impact on our clients and their communities. 

Our Mission

We unlock the potential of purpose-driven organizations by aligning people, process, and vision. 

Our Vision

Thriving and equitable communities nourished by good ideas.* 

*Good ideas can come from anywhere and anyone!

Our Beliefs

Our beliefs underpin our approach to every project and client relationship.  

We believe…

Good ideas can come from anywhere and anyone. 
To bring forth the best solutions we take a 360-degree view of every situation.

To unlock organizational potential, you need to start with culture. 
We start with people and their roles, not with financials.

Organizations are continuously in motion. 
We know the best way to guide development is to come alongside with a learner’s mindset. 

Solving complex problems requires being human-centered and context aware. 
We focus both on the people closest to the issue and the patterns in the systems around them. 

Trepwise team working together.

Our Values

We Value



To promote an action-oriented mindset around Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, we center Humanity — centering individual experiences throughout spaces and conversations, valuing and celebrating our differences while seeking to build structures and strategies that create equity and counter harmful racist systems. 

Authenticity Icon


To create spaces of positive momentum, we strive for Authenticity — the kind of genuine expression and engagement that makes us approachable and relatable, and fosters trust and enjoyment for all involved.  

Collaboration Icon


To elevate human sustainability and communities that thrive, we prioritize Collaboration — the inclusive, thoughtful, and thought-provoking relationship-building that gets a group of people from root problem to meaningful outcomes.  

Curiosity Icon


To be innovative in meeting the needs of today’s challenges, we practice Curiosity — the discovery, ideation, and exploration that bring forth sparks of genius from anywhere and everywhere.

Agility Icon


To meet the dynamic needs of today, we embrace Agility — the iteration, flexibility, adaptability, fluidity, and perspective-taking that unlocks potential and opportunity. 

Rigor Icon


To deliver high quality products, we apply Rigor — the attention to details and thoroughness that embodies confidence, credibility, and knowledge sharing.

Our City

Committed to our community.

We’re based in New Orleans, a city known for boldness and creativity. We bring this spirit of innovation to every relationship. 


Trepwise is deeply committed to weaving Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging into the very fabric of our organization – through our words, policies, and practices.

We envision a world where every individual has equal access to tailored opportunities and resources, allowing them to reach their fullest potential. We pledge to use our platform to stand against unjust and exclusionary systems, and to value the diverse perspectives and lived experiences of all people. This commitment is rooted in our resolve to actively address biases and promote equity across various dimensions, including race, class, religion, gender, sexual orientation, body type, age, and ability. By actively integrating DEIB principles into our consulting approaches and internal practices, we aim to model the thriving and equitable world we seek.