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WHo we help / Foundations


Augment your purpose.

We help foundations set strategy to drive community impact. 


What We Do

We believe in your potential to make a difference.

Foundations find themselves at an inflection point: responding to growing community needs, adapting to shifting models of charitable giving, and reckoning with a history of inequality within the field of philanthropy itself.  While foundations are uniquely qualified to shift the paradigm of the nonprofit field to be more equitable and community-centered, it takes a bold, balanced strategy to do so while strengthening reputation and impact.  

We work alongside your team and key stakeholders to develop an inclusive, effective framework for deepening the impact of your investments.

How We Help

Realize your purpose. 

We help foundations do the planning and ecosystem coordination necessary to do good in the community. We  have experience engaging grantees, donors, and key partners to understand perspectives and illuminate opportunities for civic leadership and transformative investments.

We recommend Organizational Planning to set your foundation’s strategic direction, or Systems Coordination to analyze and strengthen organizational ecosystems in communities where you invest.


Our foundation clients come away from our time together with future-focused outcomes — and excitement. 

  • Define clear goals and align key stakeholders around them
  • Prioritize short- and long-term goals to achieve immediate and future success
  • Advance productive conversations around your foundation’s purpose
  • Articulate goals covering organizational sustainability and community transformation 
  • Identify the impact you want to make and take steps toward it
  • Make plans that address the needs of your donors and multiple stakeholders in the community 
  • Bring fresh perspectives and innovative thinking to your philanthropic investment approach 

“The Trepwise team has been a great partner, supporting us in building alignment across our staff, our Board, and the many constituencies we serve. The result is a clear set of Foundation priorities and a roadmap of how to get there.”

Don Marshall, Executive Director


Case Study

Chris Long Foundation

Charting the Future of Clean Water & High-Quality Education

Case Study

New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival and Foundation

Co-Creating a Visionary Strategy for an Institution That Owns a World-Renowned Music and Culture Festival

Case Study

New Orleans Food Security Task Force

Building Infrastructure to Feed Thousands During the Pandemic