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Who We Help

Every organization has hidden potential.

We help nonprofits, public entities, private sector organizations, and foundations unlock that potential and power their purpose.

Two team members reviewing presentation.

Industries We Serve

Our cross-sector experience equips us to support a diverse array of organizations.

We help organizational leaders and team members discuss, debate, and dream of a brighter future. Our broad experience has given us deep insight into the inner workings of organizations — and provided us proven tools and approaches to move you and your team forward together.

why we’re different

We flex across stakeholders with ease.

With experience consulting for small and large nonprofits, our team is equally at home in a boardroom or a neighborhood focus group. We’re skilled at facilitating multi-stakeholder processes to build alignment and develop shared visions.

We are rooted in theory and grounded in action.

Our team is well versed in planning and strategy frameworks, but our top priority is ensuring that our plans don’t sit on a shelf. We build from best practices to design strategies that teams can bring to life starting on day one. 

We minimize the jargon and cut through the noise.

The most powerful mission, vision, values, beliefs, and strategies are written clearly in accessible terms.

We center humanity, even when it’s hard.

We’re laser-focused on organizational culture and put people at the center of every project we take on. We know that people are what drive success, and we act like it.